About Us

About Us

Nextsoft Infotech is one of the fastest growing company in the field of Information and Technology offering software, services and solutions. Nextsoft is dedicated to technology innovation and expansion which enables economic growth and social development.

The story of Nextsoft begins in 2009 by two energetic engineers. From the beginning we focus on the ideas and enterprise solutions that impel client’s progress. While interacting with our clients, partners and employees, we always conduct ourselves decently and truthfully. We always make enhancement in our strategies so that it help us to innovate faster and efficiently. This enables us to be more associated, innovative, and effective with our clients.

Nextsoft is engineering to shift the complexity from IT and make embedded working of hardware and software to accelerate innovations. The simplification of IT create added value for our customers.

Nextsoft Advantages

  • Global Substantiate

    Our global support allows you to choose the sourcing strategy best suited to your business needs. Our network model helps us to provide you custom, quality solutions faster no matter where your business is located, we help you 24*6, while providing a flawless experience across all operations.

  • Customer Commitment

    Our commitment to customer satisfaction defines how we do business, We build our teams around the domain and technology requirements of customers, offering specialized services and solutions that meet up the distinct needs of your business.

Complexity Reduction

  • IT Re-engineering

    Our research team works on leading edge technologies to develop innovative, realistic applications that deliver strong business results. We combine traditional IT and Remote services with knowledge-based services to deliver feature enrich product without complications.

  • Integrated Approach

    Our library of technology and process framework enables us to provide integrated solutions that help you to improve operational efficiencies by reducing costs and improving business agility. We provide high quality solutions to our customers for managing their all IT and operational programs.

Our Focus

  • Vision

    "To be a leader of Expansion & Innovation in the field of IT Services."

  • Mission

    Nextsoft aims to enhance segments in IT products of various services like business process, cloud, digital marketing, e-commerce, mobile apps etc. We provide customers the integrated solution approach that improves their return on investment. We believe in innovation, quality service and support.